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Cinderella Action ShotCastle Bootery of Westfield, NJ specializes in fitting infants, children, and young adults with quality footwear.  Choose from a large selection of brands every season for every kind of footwear. We carry a full line of Capezio dance shoes, dancewear and accessories. We are the “experts” for children’s shoe fitting. We also fill doctor’s prescriptions.


Castle Bootery has been in the business for over 65 years and has been in the hands of the current owner since 1995. We are committed to serving our customers and providing them with the highest quality of service. All salespersons are professionally trained and customer friendly. Each salesperson will take the time to answer any questions and offer assistance. We offer shipping nationwide.


Foot Facts

• Bones are not fully formed in a child’s foot until age 5. While their feet are still developing, cartilage can be easily influenced by footwear that doesn’t fit properly.

• Babies’ feet do not have arches. Arches start to develop at age 2.

• The 52 bones in the human foot make up one quarter of all the bones in the body.

• Babies’ feet perspire twice as much as adults. Look for breathable materials like leather and mesh or anti-microbial linings.

• The heel is the one bone in the foot that helps balance a baby’s entire body.

• Feet continue to grow into their teenage years. So each pair of shoes are as important as the first.



Why is it so important to have my children’s shoes fitted?

• Shoes that don’t fit properly in childhood can contribute to poor foot development. This can lead to bone, back and muscle problems later in life.To ensure a correct fit, children’s feet should be measured every 2-3 months until the age of 2. As the child gets older, they will remain in their size for longer periods of time.


Is it ok to pass shoes down from one child to the next?

• Do not pass down everyday shoes from one child to another. Why? Because when shoes are worn for a while they form to a child’s foot. Since every child has their own unique way of walking, hand-me-down shoes can affect the walking pattern of the next child who tries to wear them. Shoes that are not worn on a consistent basis, such as snow boots, rain boots, or dress shoes, go ahead and pass them along. Rule of thumb, if you can see the previous child’s imprint in the shoe, they should not be worn by another.

Source: Stride Rite Children’s Group